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We named our son Vishaal, meaning Infinite. Whilst we only had Vishaal on earth with us for one day, he is infinite, as is the love that anyone who has lost a child will testify to.

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Within many cultures, there is an expectation to forget such loss and carry on, as though it never happened. This attitude is detrimental for those suffering as they are forced to keep …

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Our hope is to continue providing an outlet in collectively sharing our emotions so we can feel love, peace and togetherness in our darkest days as well as those sudden jolts where …


We have done all we can to get the Vishaal Foundation to the point it is now. We feel sure that we have only touched the surface of people who could benefit from our services. We are indebted to our current partners for all they have done to support our growth.

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Little Angels Remembrance Service 2019

International Wave of Light Service 2018

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